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Scrapbook. [22 May 2007|07:55pm]
Its fun to discuss the life of being in a band as if you've been doing it since you were born. In reality, especially in the case of TM, we all know that this does not necessarily apply. However, in comparison to what we once were, back when the only escape was a cold garage, I cannot help but cling to a faint sense of pride. Especially in a town like this, where the local bands (who actually take the steps toward moving out of the garage) come and go on an annual basis. Personally, I believe the most fulfilling and meaningful times in the birth and growth of a local band come at the very beginning of the journey. The territory is unfamiliar, complete with disapproving parents and peers who just don't care. That's what makes it so exciting. That overwhelming sense of accomplishment. No matter how amazing or horrific the music itself may be.

At age fifteen I played a brief role in Pray For Mojo, playing trumpet on an EP recorded in Tim's bedroom. The only show I ever played with them was also the first local show I had ever played in my life. Close to a year or so after that I began playing drums for Dynasty. We frequented Microplay and the Comic Boxx for quite a while, and began work on some rough recordings which were never completed. All the while, I didn't own my own drum kit, but Stiver's four-piece held up just fine. A year or so later, I borrowed bits and pieces of drum equipment for a makeshift kit and started playing with Josh and Jonah at the garage. We finished one or two rough tunes, minus the lyrics. The sound, as well as the set-up in the garage changed completely when Lance (on guitar) and Guy (on bass) came over to play a few covers.

A month or two after we had written a handful of originals we played our first show at Microplay with Lance on bass and Josh and Ross on guitar(who had learned our songs the day of the show). We played a six-song set. Actually, a seven-song set because Andrew Goon made us play Pills For Payment twice, God bless him. I was still playing the makeshift kit, and sitting on an old fire extinguisher because I had no money for a drum throne. Good times. We played Microplay countless times, and won a Battle of the Bands at the first out-of-town show we ever attended at Dreamworld (now The Phoenix) in Arlington. We won several hours of free recording time, but never got to use them because I for one, was failing a class and was forced to quit (don't forget I was still sixteen). So we spent a number of months away from the garage until a Lateshift practice brought us back together and with it came the addition of Devon on guitar. Not long after this came the release of the Desert vs. Tundra Volume I EP, and then later, Volume II. Then came Nomad and with it, came the release of Attack! and the countless shows that followed.

Amazing, almost six years rolled up in two paragraphs. You may find most of this as meaningless and incoherent information, but it never hurts to follow your own timeline every once in a while and see the proof of what people can do when they come together with a similar purpose.
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The story so far. [08 May 2007|01:44pm]
I was thumbing through some old photos the other day and stumbled upon our livejournal and couldn't help but think that an update couldn't hurt, despite the fact that we are no longer together. Its been a long time since we were a handful of sixteen year-old kids in Josh's garage, sweeping the dust and dirt off of the cold floor and taping together shards of old carpet to make the place a little more of a home away from home. The photos I mentioned earlier sent me running around the apartment, searching relentlessly for bits and pieces of our past. Digging through an old backpack, I found an old spiral notebook with countless papers, all detatched, crumpled and stacked inside. There were volumes. Some ripped in half, others still folded into neat little squares. Set lists, dating back to the Microplay days and following the timeline to today. Back before our friends and foes alike had all gone their own ways.

I believe, without a doubt that it would be safe to say that none of us will ever be done with music.

I miss my friends.

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So This Is It [13 Feb 2007|04:57pm]
we broke up.
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updates! [16 Jan 2007|01:27am]
so its been forever since this thing has been updated so i figure what the hell, i'll update the mother fucker, right? right! so we've been to kansas and kicked ass, we've started writing a new album and its going good so far. and since im more of a picture kind of guy just look some pictures instead of reading this. Austen can come back and update better later.

-josh jiles

Photographs of friends and usCollapse )
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[23 Oct 2006|01:00pm]
click the link below for pictures of us being us.

party pictures!Collapse )
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Tour Journal part II [23 Oct 2006|01:47am]
September 3rd - Levelland

Texas is just crazy. I wish I could wax poetic, but there really isn't a better way to describe it than that when it all comes down to it. Maybe it was the landscape, the four hour ride in the truck, or both. The monotonous plains and fields suddenly cave in to form enormous canyons and rolling hills; the only constant was the rain. Two things to make sure you bring on tour: a towel and a jacket...I didn't bring either. Played our show and met a vast assortment of friendly locals. Among them we had the priviledge of spending the day (and night) with our new partners in crime from Falling Down Hurts. The evening (and early morning) was spent with a triumphant celebration to wish Lance a very happy 19th birthday which, if I'm not mistaken, he thoroughly enjoyed. A big, fat thank you to FDH for providing us with a place to crash, and a big, fat apology to Joe for scaring the hell out of him on the ride to their house. With the morning came the nearly impossible task of getting my ass out of bed (a.k.a. couch cushions). Went to lunch with the FDH fellas and we were on our way. Back through those same rolling hills and across those same endless plains. I don't think it really hit me that this is all happening until that ride. Today was the first time in years that everything just seemed perfect, and to make it that much more satisfying, I got that feeling in the back seat of a truck, driving in the pouring rain for another fist-full of hours. Our next show was unfortunately cancelled, so we decided to come back home for our two days off to save some money, and I've been pissed off since I walked through my front door. Anyway, on the ride home Josh asked me to describe how beautiful Texas is so for you Josh, all I have to say is; Texas is fucking beautiful and I never really appreciated it until this trip. Good music + good people = a great change of pace.

September 8th - OFF

I find it ironic that I'm updating a "tour journal" while sitting in my own bed. Instead of the road humming faintly beneath my feet I have infomercials and a bottle of YooHoo...not that I have anything against YooHoo. The routine of it all has hit me like a ton of bricks. Human beings need diversity, risky situations and an occasional fall into the depths of insecurity. The things you fear the most are the things that will make the best stories in the future. Seeing the other side of an otherwise monotonous life makes you appreciate aspects you never really paid much attention to in the past. It's just that people today have become so good at convincing themselves that they NEED things. Security, beliefs, control, stability. Don't get me wrong, I am nothing close to what you would call a "free spirit" but I will say that I am at the very least, trying to let go. If you know me personally, you know that not giving a shit is something I've never quite mastered. These last few days however, have been such an inspiring example that maybe it's time to stop trying to figure out my life and start living it. We've come a long, long way and it looks as though we're showing everyone just a little bit more proof each day that this ain't no goddamn hobby. This is more than music. This is much more than music.

September 10th - San Antonio

San Antonio was a twenty-four hour slap to the face. Roamed the River Walk relentlessly and aimlessly for hours. Went to the Alamo and talked about that time when Ozzy pissed on it, if you can recall that. Took the rickety elevator up to the venue and when the show finally started, sat through a few hours of tasteless death metal, clouds of cigarette smoke and a wide assortment of barflies banging their heads ignorantly to the noise. The constant bar scene and endless sea of drunken expressions makes me wonder what it is that brings all those nameless faces together. Its fun to think that it couldn't possibly be the music, but I could be wrong and I probably am. The next time you find yourself in a crowded bar, elbow your way through the riot, find a wall and just watch. You'll be amazed. Its like watching a modern day version of a Hemingway novel brought to life, except with less taste. Sometimes I can't help but wonder what the guy dancing on the table with a gin and tonic in his hand does for a living. Is he celebrating his day or attempting to forget it? Some would call this study stupid, some perceptive. Once can learn so much about modern society by just shutting one's mouth and watching the way people unwind. Tonight, when the last bottle was broken and the last cigarette extinguished, we were still there and I was still taking notes. Right now, we're on our way to College Station to take shelter. Devon is asleep next to me and the city is dying behind us. Sleep well, Texas. "Hey, there's the Alamo...let's remember it."

September 15th - In Conclusion

It is extremely rare, especially in the day and age in which we live, to play to a crowd of people who have come to the show for all the right reasons. I mean, the local music scene is much more than an actual scene; its more like a competition. Regardless of whether or not you notice it, the feeling is always there. However, the fact that everyone associated with "the scene" knows that we're all in it together (and with the same purpose) brings an overwhelming sense of respect and understanding. Different locations draw different people, and with different people come different purposes in terms of the crowds, and I think anyone who has attended at least ONE local show can see that. Anyway, each and every band has something to offer, as well as an obligation to the scene (and the people) to make that "something" different and/or original. There have been bands (big and small) whose music I haven't cared for, but I still cannot help but respect completely because what they are doing and what they stand for is completely new. A break in the routine is refreshing in any sense or situation, I don't think anyone can honestly deny that. The past several days (both on the road and back home) have been a slide film, and I'm not trying to wax poetic, goddamnit, I'm being honest. All I'm saying is that in life there is no promise of tomorrow, but if I died tomorrow I'd have some bad ass memories. Its all strange, really. You anticipate it for months, you leave, you have a great time and then suddenly you're back to the same schedule you were so anxious to ignore. The job, the school and in some cases, the people. For so long you're trained to believe that you're born, you work and then you die and that's it. Believe what you want. The future happens and it happens fast so "do whatcha do and do it real big, baby."

"How long ya on ter' fer'?"
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THE TOUR: PART I [20 Sep 2006|02:27pm]
AUGUST 31st:
I seriously doubt there will be a triumphant middle finger out the window of the car. No parades, no streamers or marching bands to wish us farewell. Maybe a fist in the air, but no cannons or crying mothers waving goodbye. This is how things go when you're running low on moral support (although we have much more than expected), not to mention cash money. All we know is somehow, someway we're going to do something out of the ordinary. Even if we're broke. Even if we all hate each other by the end of the road. Something big is coming. Something loud and unforgiving. Come hell or high water, we're going to make something of ourselves that no one seemed to think was possible. Whether through broken strings, sticks or spirits we've got to run from the lifestyle of a paycheck and a fucking cubicle. You know, that strange thought of a wife, two kids and a dog sitting back home waiting on the grocery money. We have to prove that "progression" and "success" hold different meanings to different people. This is all much more than what we WANT, its what we NEED and, at times, the only reason we see to get up in the morning. It isn't so much what we like to do as it is all we have. So take it or leave it, just DON'T tell us we sound like Rufio or Fight Paris. Goddamnit.

The circus has officially begun. A decent show followed by the disruption of flashing lights, chicken ramen and noise disturbances. Its amazing that bands have the opportunity to do this six to nine months out of the year. Our bodies ache and my head feels like it just might explode, but when I put the entire evening into context, I couldn't care less about how I feel. It would probably be safe to say that the entire popoulation of Denton, Texas wasn't too thrilled that The Motion was here...or at least, the Denton police department. But we're not here for approval. We have a much bigger fish to fry. So standing here on this apartment balcony staring down at the vast assortment of party litter below, I'm feeling productive simply waiting to get back into the car. Denton was a riot.

SEPTEMBER 2nd - Wichita Falls:
A town where the locals get way too drunk way too fast. Thank god we had had our good friend Fast Eddie to shed some light on the situation. Earlier in the day we tread through the muck to a lake beside our venue for the evening in the pouring rain. Such a scene made it easy to forget why we had come here in the first place. But let's not focus on a list of detailed events, mishaps and triumphs. Let's put the whole day into context. Fuck the agenda and outlines for just a moment. Day two felt more like a trip to an outdoor coffee shop that just so happened to have a stage to play on. For us, besides the performance itself, shows are all about socializing. You know, participating in the riot of it all. We're sick of local bands who walk around with a nose in the air and a stick up their ass. People don't come to shows to watch asshole bands pretend to be Axl Rose. Concerning the show however, although I'm not a big indie fan, it was nice not to have to sit through another hardcore band. You know, the type that complains that all hardcore sounds the same but insists that THEIR band is original and unique, but when they perform there isn't a damn thing about them that could be considered either of those attributes. Anyway, a BIG high five to our new friends from As Tall As Lions. We most certainly do love you guys and respect everything about what you do. All in all, through the awkward weather, bloody calouses and that bat attack that nearly took the lives of Devon and I, the day was a story that will one day, be worth waking the kids up for.

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how long ya on ter fer? [07 Sep 2006|02:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

After a fist-full of dates from the Texas tour, we are stuck back at the homestead due to the cancellation of a few shows. Disappointed, yes...ready to get the hell out of here, most definitely. We leave again Saturday to finish the second leg of our little tour, which will (with a little luck) go as smoothly as the first half. We've posted new dates on our myspace in case you haven't noticed as well. Anyway, stay tuned because after the tour has finally come to an end I will be posting the day-to-day road journal I've kept throughout the trip. It will offer new perspectives on the Lone Star State, the music scene, friends on the road and gas station hot dogs. Don't get too excited, it ain't no Bible, but its probably more interesting at least. There are a lot of things you don't appreciate about this state until you drive across it in a truck with your three best friends who smell just as bad as you do. There's no place else I'd rather be than there, goddamnit. Much love, and on behalf of The Motion, I appreciate all the support our friends and fans have provided over these last few years. With a lot more hard work and a little luck, this will not be the only tour we have to look foward to. Thank you very much. -Austen (TM)

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[29 Aug 2006|02:26am]
[ mood | anxious ]

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SPEAK OF THE DEVIL [14 Aug 2006|01:49pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So I suppose I should apologize sincerely to the few but extremely dedicated people who take the time to keep up with what The Motion has been up to. If you people were here right now, I'd give you all a very, very brotherly high-five. First of all, a big fat thank you to everyone who came out to the Plano Centre for the Back To School Bash show. Big thanks you's to Third String Productions and a nice big tip-o-the-hat to Mike Z. He ain't a business man, he's a business, maaaaan. We've had some amazing shows in our time but that by far, was the best. Speaking of amazing shows, guess who's going on tour?!? Yeah, that's right. Go check out our MySpace for the dates of the upcoming Texas tour. There's a lot of things you learn to appreciate when you're in a band. Number one is deoderant and number two, gas stations. I have learned to love both. Anyway, I won't bore you with monotonous details or uneventful rambling but I will tell you this: this past weekend has opened my eyes, and I like what I see, goddamnit. Hugs and kisses. -Austen (TM)

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[18 May 2006|01:10am]
[ mood | crazy ]

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hey, mr. tambourine man... [14 May 2006|10:04pm]
What a topsy-turvy weekend this has been. And oh, what a long time its been since I've updated. Lance and I are hitting the studio Tuesday for one last day of recording to finish Attack! I haven't been getting a whole helluva lot of sleep lately, and its making all my days bleed together. Not to mention, my memory has gotten progressively worse. Chances are, I couldn't tell you what I had for breakfast. The night is so young, but I feel like I'm one hundred years old. This past week was a mere mixture of the same old small-town ingredients. Worked quite a bit. Burned the hell out of my hands and got sent home early. Waited anxiously for the weekend. It has come to my attention that the weekend is really the only part of the week I enjoy, or if nothing else, pay attention to.

Collectively, each week is nothing more than a mere slide show that leads up to one final and triumphant ending. And when that scene fades out, it begins all over again. There is no way to run from time. Chances are, I'm rambling aimlessly and chances are, I desperately need a shower and chances are, I'm too lazy at the moment to take one. On the other hand, my mind is in fact, moving way faster than my fingers can keep up with, which is odd considering the lack of bed rest I'm working with. For those who haven't seen it, we have a new video up on our myspace of a rough and spur-of-the-moment performance of Sorry Excuse For An Ending. We recorded it in Devon's garage on a stormy night. Its very raw, but its also very new, so take it or leave it.

Shows coming up this weekend.
Check the myspace for dates 'n such.
"God is my trash can." - Lance

xoxo - Austen (TM)
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ATTACK! [27 Apr 2006|02:09pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Haven't updated in a while, and for this, I sincerely apologize. Then again, one must take into account that I am only apologizing to about two people. I'm starting to think the only people who read this are the Motion, and Cassie. But that's alright with me, I'm not complaining. Anyway, the show last weekend at the Door was dope. A gigantic round of applause to all the other bands, and high fives to the Knockout Kings, Empire and our homie in Drunk Horse Saloon. No high fives for the people who kept kicking people in the head when they were stage diving. We go back into the studio this week to start tracking. Oh oh oh, we have a new and improved website located at www.themotionisfromtexas.com

The sun is setting on the school year(s) and a new dawn approaches. The birth of a new day is upon us, complete with mosquitos, droughts and Motion shows. Keep on the lookout for upcoming shows because we've added a few more coming down the road. There has been talk of a summer tour, but we'll let you know when we have more details. This semester of school has vanished like a fart in the wind, and I couldn't be more happy to watch it go. These past few entries have been so disappointing to me because I haven't had an epiphany or anything. I sound like an 8th grader who stays up all night blogging about his garage band. "Today me and my band practiced the three Blink 182 songs that we figured out from the tabs we found. It really rocked. Then my mom called us into the house because Spongebob was coming on and she knows how angry I get when I miss it. Then our drummer's mom came by to pick him up. We might all get to have a sleep over at my house this weekend. We're gonna call the girl I like and ask her if she likes me. I hope she likes my new wrist band." I could do that all day.

Sorry for putting you through that. Have a good one. -Austen (TM)

"What he MEANT to say was 'pass the rolls, please' but what came out was 'you ruined my life you bitch'."

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Woke up to my daily headache... [10 Apr 2006|09:52am]
[ mood | naughty ]

Woke up with a headache, which should automatically tell me how the rest of my day is going to be. But you never know. We go into the studio this evening again for a short little session. Pre-production went well. Pin-pointed changes that needed to be made, etc. For those of you who haven't been to our myspace yet, we have a show this Friday at the Roller Rink in Cleburne. Check out our myspace for more details. But anyway, I hate school and I'm sick of my job. Just had to get that off my chest. The demos we recorded sound like the equivalent of our live show. Ten songs strong. After we finished our recording session we ate pizza and played Halo with Jeff (Rockwell Audio). Devon had to apologize for kicking his ass. Good times.


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things look so good from the other side of the fence [04 Apr 2006|11:00am]
sitting at school. doing this because my history class was cancelled today, and i'm excited about it. gotta work tonight and then going to the alkaline trio/against me! show tomorrow night at the ridglea. hitting the studio this weekend to start pre-production on our full length which will be released on nomad records. i don't really have anything else to say at this point. thanks to everyone who has ever supported us in any way. really, it is much appreciated. -austen (TM)
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what can i say [03 Apr 2006|01:21pm]
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whoa dude [28 Mar 2006|08:50am]
[ mood | energetic ]

two shows this weekend, friday and saturday. give our myspace a peek for the locations because i'm lazy, and also because it isn't hard to make a few clicks to get there. you'll have to pardon me, i'm just a tad bit cranky from this school business. but you know what? what's the use of dwelling in my little fussy attitude, especially when i couldn't be more excited about this band. thanks to everyone who came out to the aardvark last weekend. thanks to the drunk guy for dancing on stage, it was awesome. most of all, a big fat thank you to our friends who have always been so supportive. your consideration will not go unnoticed.

so the plan for today is, get through this school day (which will end in four hours and forty-five minutes), have a good practice, and then bust a fat chill. off work for a few days. lots of stuff to get done, and i couldn't be more excited about it. take it easy.

(i feel kinda bad about being rude in the first paragraph...the friday show is in waxahachie and saturday is at the plano centre...my apologies.)

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Hey, good to see ya. [23 Mar 2006|11:38am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well hey, how's it going? Had to drag myself out of bed this morning to come to school, which is where I am now. Yesterday turned out to be a damn good one, much to my surprise. Had a nice little practice. Alright, in all honesty, I am in love with this band and it means more to me than anything in this world. I'm going to have some bad ass stories for my grandchildren. With some more hard work and undying dedication, perhaps we've got what it takes after all. Anyway, that's all I've been thinking about, so this entire school day has been the equivalent of sitting at home thinking.

The Plano Centre show last weekend was amazing and went pretty well. I ate a lot of Little Debbie snacks and played football with Devon and Lance. And somewhere in between all that, we had a decent performance. I ran to McDonald's earlier to grab some grub, and I'm starting to think those double cheeseburgers were a bad idea. When this class business is over I'm going to have to run home and change and then off to work for a mind-numbing evening of bringing people food. I suppose it doesn't matter though, 'cause even if I was working a twelve hour shift, my mind would still be a million miles away.

-Austen (TM)

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"Josh! Where the fuck do you keep your toothpaste?" [18 Mar 2006|01:24am]
[ mood | chipper ]

When Josh wears his retainer, he can't pronounce words that start with the letter "s". It's awesome. So its one-thirty in the morning and I'm sitting at Josh's house promoting a bit more for the big show tomorrow at Plano. Josh is watching Dances With Wolves in his underwear and I'm making him say words like "salamander" and "salivate". We've got a pretty little U-Haul sitting in the driveway and Dances With Wolves still isn't a very good movie. Kevin Costner sucks. Isn't that the guy's name? Eh, it doesn't matter. Anyway, everyone should come out to the show tomorrow and listen to us make noise. For those of you who are already planning to do so, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Real men don't take showers. Ever. -Austen (TM)

"Dances With Wolves is a great movie, as long as you're in your underwear, hugging a pillow, wearing retainers and having it on mute. " -Josh..."Oh, and, I'm pretty stoked about the show tomorrow...sloppy salamanders." -Josh

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i hear the train a'comin'. its comin' round the bend... [14 Mar 2006|07:19pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Practice today, and then me and Lincoln went to Burleson to buy some CD's. Bought some Johnny Cash and As Cities Burn and then off to lunch. Lincoln bought a suit at Goodwill and it ruled. Let's go ahead and get two things straight; yes, I am upset that I'm writing this right now and no, I have nothing to do so far tonight. Damn the luck. Right now I'm adding about a million songs to my iPod and trying to figure out why I'm watching Gilmore Girls. Spring break blows.

This Saturday
Plano Centre
The Motion
Please come

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